Full service


Full-service is perhaps the most lucrative job at Funhouse for our workers; Perfect for those of you who enjoy socialising and sex.



Our premises are a balance of lavish and comfortable; a fantasy five-star-hotel space where the linen is always white, the fridges are always stocked with wine and beauty and sex is celebrated.


We choose not to re-touch our photos at Funhouse (beyond distinguishing marks and tattoos) so we ask that when applying you send a couple of recent, untouched photos as well as a bit about what you think you may bring to Funhouse.

Photos can be selfies as long as they are clear and recent, you don’t need professional photos to apply.


Don’t forget, we are often our own harshest critics and it is easy to find faults in our own bodies that are invisible to others.


What makes a great escort?


Are you?


A great communicator; Always have your phone turned on and topped up

Non-judgmental and able to make others feel comfortable

Supportive of other women





Here’s what we can provide…


You have your choice of working on-call or on shift, meaning you can fit your work around other commitments


All the advertising, bookings and pricing is handled for you


Condoms, toys, outfits, shoes and lube are all provided


We have limitless wi-fi, two dressing rooms and a comfortable staff room, which you can use to study, binge Netflix or gossip with the girls


We offer training and support and will back you up if you have any safety concerns


We have two extremely cute cats that you can pat and cuddle


How much do I get paid?


Rates for full service begin at $225 per hour and can increase from there depending on the clientele you attract.

There is no fining, hidden costs or fees and all we ask is that you bring your own matching lingerie and whatever make-up you wish to wear.


What hours do I have to work?


What hours do you want to be available? Every Sunday, Mary will text you and ask for your availability for the upcoming week.

This can change week by week and we try to give you at least an hours notice for a job and you always have the right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

If for some reason your availability changes, or you are having an off day, all that we require is proactive communication so that Mary doesn’t spend time/resources promoting someone who isn’t able to work.

You are not expected to work late nights as we close at 9pm on Monday to Thursday, 8pm Friday, 6pm Saturday and 7pm Sunday.


We look forward to hearing from you!






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