If you have read the Work Opportunities page and the FAQ page then the information here is specific to Funhouse, which is our ‘Mother-ship’ part of the brand.


Why wouldn’t you want to be a high-end Funhouse escort? Working smarter, not harder to earn extremely good money in the nicest environment in New Zealand. But I can assure you that there is more to this than meets the eye. If you think you would stand out against the women that are on Funhouse at the moment without photo-shopping (we don’t photo-shop out anything apart from tattoos and distinguishing marks) then by all means have your sights set at this level.


BUT if you are a little nervous about whether or not you would stack up against our present line-up then just get in touch and send me some recent photos and we can meet for a chat and discuss the possibilities. I often find that us women are too hard on ourselves and we don’t think we are as gorgeous as we actually are – so let me help you with the commercial aspect of that.


We offer many levels of opportunity when it comes to being an escort or courtesan in Wellington. We are now the busiest and most well respected brand in the New Zealand sex industry. To come on board with us under any of our brands is something to be proud of, so get in touch and let’s see where we go from there.


On-call or on-shift? Really importantly to be on call you must be a great communicator, always have your phone with you and with credit, have a life that allows you a lot of freedom and living close to the CBD helps – otherwise you may want to consider shifts. We are now a beautiful mish-mash of on-call and on-shift. Short flexible shifts where you can come and go pretty much as you please. There are no rigid hours set for shifts, if you want to come in and hang out in one of our THREE staff rooms, with endless wifi and the best company in the industry then go right ahead! If you wish to work purely ‘on call’ then that is also fabulous.


Let my 21 years experience as a Madam help you make the right choice for your future.



How much do I get paid?

At Funhouse you will ‘start’ on $200 for the hour, with the opportunity to increase to $300 (at this stage) once you attract a good regular clientele – or if you choose to do sensual massage then you get $100/$130 per hour plus $30/$50 each for any extras, no full service. With sensual massage most of our massage ladies are earning $160 + per hour. There are absolutely no hidden costs, fees or fines and all you have to provide is your own matching lingerie and your own make-up.


What hours do I have to work?

Every Sunday I will text and ask for your availability for the upcoming week. This can be a lot or a little depending on how busy your life is. We always try to give at least an hours notice for a job and again at this stage you have the right to say yes or no. All I ask is pro-active communication when you become unavailable on a day that you told me you were available so I don’t waste my time and energy promoting you for work that you aren’t available for. And also you are never expected to work late nights as we close at 9pm on Monday to Thursday, 8pm Friday, 6pm Saturday and 7pm on Sunday.

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