Naked Massage


Sensual massage is a service that involves nudity, erotic touch and hand relief without full service. Some full-service workers also provide massage, but you may chose to ONLY provide sensual massage.


Sensual massage involves providing a naked massage with hand relief. You can choose to provide whatever other extras fit within your comfort zone, but this is not compulsory.


All training and materials are provided and you will have plenty of time to ask questions and practice touch before your first booking.


Show me the money


The payout for massage begins from $120 per hour, plus 100% of the money you earn from any extras.


We are very flexible with what extras you want to provide (including none at all), just let us know!


So in summary:


45 mins you get $100/$110/$120 plus any extras

1 hour you get $120/$130/$140 plus any extras


And all the materials, training, promotion, negotiating, outfits and encouragement is provided for you!

There are absolutely no hidden fees, fines or costs; Just bring your sexy bod, some matching lingerie and whatever make-up makes you feel comfortable and confident.

What if I only want to do sensual massage and not full service?


We are now the busiest high-end sensual massage establishment in Wellington with a growing regular clientele. We have some ladies who provide sensual massage ONLY and all do well enough to make it viable for them and us. And it is still a growing part of our business; in fact we now have four dedicated massage rooms and a fifth ‘pop-up’ room to make the most of the busy times. All of our ladies provide extras, within their comfort zone and generally our ladies are making at least twice per job what is possible anywhere else. But extras are not compulsory for you or for clients.


We train you in the sexy art of sensual, erotic, naked, body2body style massage and provide everything needed to perform to the best of your ability.


How much do I get paid?


The payout is $120/$130/$140 for the hour plus any money from extras that you are comfortable providing. You can choose to do a minimum timed booking – such as 1 hour, this will often depend on how far you have to travel to get here. Most of our ladies are earning $160/$200 plus per hour including extras.


Anything is possible we just need to discuss it! We are extremely flexible.


So in black and white:


45 mins you get $100/$110/$120 plus any extras

1 hour you get $120/$130/$140 plus any extras


And remember there are absolutely no fees or hidden costs.



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