The Funhouse brand offers the largest variety of work possibilities in the sex industry in New Zealand. We are an ‘appointment only’ agency that provides sensual massage, girlfriend experience full service, porn star experience full service, Bi-doubles with other Funhouse escorts, fantasies, fetish and BDSM. All forms of safe sex are practiced here and everything you will need for the job is supplied.

Work Options

Check out the following links for details on the different areas of work that Funhouse provides for fantastic women:

What Makes a You a Star

We sit at the ‘high-end’ of the industry for very good reason – we are the best at what we do and we are looking for the best to join our tight, happy and supportive team. I take on only a small number of women as I am looking for some very specific qualities. Some of those qualities are:

  • A smart mind
  • A genuine desire to do this and to be the best
  • A ‘team player’ attitude
  • Good communication skills
  • A certain level of attractiveness
  • A certain body type (there are many of these that work)

On-call vs Shift Work

Some of our women do extremely well ‘on-call’ because they have all of the above qualities and some women choose to work on shift for a variety of reasons.

Some women choose to work on shift because it is easier to manage and easier to organise your life around shifts. It is also easier to come up with a believable story about your job if you aren’t disappearing for an hour or two at a time.

We also have three staff rooms and endless wifi, an amazing group of fun women and we are a happy place to be on-shift or on-call. And any shifts you choose to do are flexible and can change from week to week to suit your life.

Talk to Me

I have been doing this for a very long time and I will only ever head you in the direction of what I believe will work best for you. I could hire multitudes of women, which would look great for us, but in reality it will only be a small number of those women making any money – that is not fair on you!

Many women like you will have lots of questions or only extremely-biased media reports on what it means to be a sex worker.  If you are still not sure,  check out our testimonials – these are the words of women, who before they came to work for me were just like you.

Still want to know more?  Then talk to me – I am renowned as the most caring, supportive and honest Madam in the industry.

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