Funhouse was set up originally in 2005 but went through several incarnations before it became what it is now, the most well respected, tasteful, fun and safe place to work in the sex industry today!

This site has been created to provide a voice for women thinking about working in the sex industry.  We are the first to provide a dedicated site for women looking for information about sex work.  it’s just another way that the Funhouse brand and Madam Mary are leading the new sex industry.  (Clients – don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you :)).

We are located in Central Wellington and operate mainly in daytime and early evening hours. We have built a great regular clientele of men, women and couples who not only enjoy our exceptional level of service but also the fact that we offer total discretion, fantastic premises and the most wonderful women in the sex industry in Wellington, quite possibly New Zealand.

Our premises are the best in New Zealand.

Funhouse is synonymous with down to earth, safe and fabulously sexy. We started as a one trick pony and have expanded to become the most comprehensive commercial sex service known to New Zealand. The other thing about the Funhouse brand is that it is constantly growing and improving.

If you want to be a part of something that is vibrant and continually setting new standards then contact me – Madam Mary – now!