Have you been thinking about becoming a working girl, a sex worker, a courtesan, a call girl or an escort? For a job that has so many different names it can be extremely hard to find helpful information can’t it?

Have you watched every episode of ‘Secret diary of a call girl’ trying to get information about working and thought it looked interesting, respectable and actually quite glamorous? But then you googled brothels, massage parlours and escort agencies in Wellington only to find a disappointing array of tacky, tasteless, badly written websites for places you wouldn’t want to be seen dead in?

If this is your story then you are not alone. That is why this site has been specifically built for women who are genuinely interested in being high-end working girls in a safe and luxurious environment. My name is Mary, Madam Mary to most. I have been a Madam running brothels for 24 years and have finally found the ultimate formula. We call it Funhouse!

What we have built here at Funhouse is a tight team of happy, sexy and progressive women who are all supportive, educated and honest and who openly enjoy their work. We have also built what is now renowned as the nicest premises in New Zealand. Funhouse leads the way in an industry that is very quickly becoming a viable option for women wanting flexible work hours and high pay. Funhouse is now synonymous with setting new standards – we lead others follow.

I could tell you right now how it used to be in the sex industry when I started but what you are interested in is how it is NOW! How will it work for you? Will you be safe? Will you be made to work long hours and see multiple clients and made to see men that you would rather not see again? How much money will you make? I have written an FAQ page for such concerns but what I want to focus on now is the very positive side of being a sex worker that most people never get to see. That positive side is called ‘Being a Funhouse girl’.

At Funhouse all of your needs are catered to, you are looked after, nurtured, consulted, informed, trained and appreciated. Hell we even feed you if you forgot to have breakfast!

And all of your boundaries are respected.

You only need to provide your own personal lingerie and make-up, everything else is provided including shoes, clothing, dress-up costumes, sex toys, all safe sex paraphernalia and training.

We pay you immediately after your jobs and there are no hidden costs involved in anything (unfortunately that can’t be said for the entire industry). Your photo-shoots are free and constantly updated; we never use face shots on any advertising anywhere and all tattoos and distinguishing marks are removed from photos to future proof you (and again, unfortunately this can’t be said about the entire industry).

We can also assist you with information about paying your tax.

Also importantly we don’t work late nights and there are no shifts. You can do as few as one job per day or more if you have the time and the energy. We are conveniently located close to university campuses and being on call means you have plenty of time for study and class and lots of money and time for a social life as well. And for those of you who are money smart you may well end up with no student loan.

Of course it is not ONLY students we are looking for, a Funhouse girl must have a mix of good looks, good attitude and a genuine desire to enjoy her work while making good money. Unfortunately we are unable to offer work to everyone that applies as there is a magical formula that works at Funhouse, but be assured if you aren’t quite a Funhouse girl I will give you as much information and advice as possible about the industry and where else might be a good place to suit your needs. 24           years as a Madam has given me a great inside knowledge of the workings of the industry.

Another good thing about being two steps ahead is that other establishments are realising that everyone who hears about us wants to work for us, so again they are trying to copy which means that they are pulling up their sox and starting to offer better working conditions, so slowly but surely we are helping to pull the industry more into the light.

Funhouse – setting new standards!

Would you like to know if you are a Funhouse girl?

Contact me NOW and let’s find out.