Founded by Madam Mary, with over 28 years of experience in the industry – Funhouse is equipped with state-of-the-art custom-built facilities, free wi-fi, dressing rooms (filled with an orgasmic collection of shoes and clothing), staff lounge and two of the coolest cats to ever exist.

Our premises are the best in New Zealand, where we offer a variety of work opportunities!

Funhouse – Escort Agency (Full Service) – on call / on shift

Sensual Massage (with hand relief) – either on call / on shift

The MM Club – Kink / Fetish Play / PVC Heaven – either on call / on shift

At Funhouse we foster a culture of community, affirmative consent, training, and open communication; fusing excellent service, attention to detail and an excessive amount of fun. As a Funhouse worker you can expect YOUR privacy, boundaries and mental and physical wellbeing to be prioritised at all times.

Rather than sitting around all day, you have the luxury of working ‘on call’, as well as choosing your availability each week. You will also only ever encounter clients who have specifically booked you and paid for your time. We understand that beginning work as an escort can seem daunting and so are committed to backing you up in any decisions you make regarding your bodily autonomy & self.

The Funhouse model of business puts the workers first; meaning we are not only the highest paid Wellington escorts but in general some of the highest paid escorts in New Zealand, with the most flexible working conditions. With multiple specialties to choose from (from erotic massage, to full service, to kink and fetish play) we offer an exciting and adaptive environment no-matter your sexual experience level!


Our fearless leader is Madam Mary; A Madam with over 28 years of experience in the industry. Media coverage found here, shows Mary’s sex worker activism, hands-on support and career as one of New Zealand’s leading dominatrixes. Many of our Funhouse escorts are students, juggling exams and other obligations and therefore wanting a job that substantially contributes to their bank account without substantially increasing existing time pressures. A common theme amongst our workers is intelligence, compassion, open mindedness, an ability to listen, and a sense of fun.

We not only have the most well paid escorts on the books, we also have a community of the most warm, intelligent and supportive women.

Funhouse is the most adaptive, supportive, discreet and absurdly fun escort agency in New Zealand. We are a worker-driven agency that understands the importance of fostering a positive and nurturing environment.


If you feel nervous or would like to get to know our workers a little bit more, you can read what they have to say here.


A tale of how sex workers made history – https://funhouse.co.nz/the-new-zealand-model/