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Chances are high that if you made the effort to find this site, you are exploring the possibility of working as an escort in Wellington.

The best news is that because you did your research you have found the site that may lead you to be one of the best and most well paid high-end escorts in Wellington. Also if you have done your research you will find that I am the most well known industry leader in New Zealand. http://funhouse.co.nz/blog/funhouse-in-the-news/

My name is Mary – Madam Mary. I can help answer all of your questions. In fact, this site has been written with YOU in mind. I have picked the brains of all of our women and found out what it was that they wanted to know about being an escort or sensual masseuse in Wellington before they found US – what their biggest fears were and what made Funhouse the agency that fitted in best with their lifestyle and expectations.

While some of you may have heard of Funhouse – the leading high-end escort agency in New Zealand – you may not realise that we can offer work opportunities in four different areas of the sex industry.

  • Funhouse – escort agency – on call
  • Mohtel – escort agency – on short shifts
  • Sensual massage – either on call or shift
  • The MM Club – A completely different story

To find out more about the specifics of working in each area, click on the links and remember if you have any questions, please contact me. Many of our women actually work across a number of these areas.

The rest of this site provides more information about working in the sex industry.

Funhouse premises are set up to relax the clients and make you feel like a Goddess 100% of the time. Check out the videos of me with my schoolteacher head on showing you around.

My initial advice to you is check out our FAQ page and if you have a question that isn’t answered on there then send me an email with your question and if you want to see what other girls have said have a look at our testimonial page.
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