Full service / Escorting

Full-service is perhaps the most lucrative job at Funhouse for our workers; Payout starts at $250 per hour and your rate can up from there, plus any of the add ons that some women choose to provide. Perfect for those of you who enjoy socialising and sex. Our premises are a balance of lavish and comfortable; a fantasy five-star-hotel space where the linen is always white, the fridges are always stocked with wine and beauty and sex is celebrated.

What makes a great escort?

Are you a great communicator – Aka always have your phone turned on and topped up? Non-judgmental and able to make others feel comfortable?
 Supportive of other body types, women & diversity in general? Empathetic? Reliable?

Here’s what we can provide…

All of our ladies work on-call meaning you can fit your work around other commitments

All the advertising, bookings and pricing is handled for you.

Condoms, toys, outfits, shoes and lube are all provided.

Limitless wi-fi, two dressing rooms and a comfortable staff room, which you can use to study, binge Netflix or relax with your coworkers.

We offer training and support and will back you up if you have any safety concerns.

We also have two extremely cute cats always craving attention.

We look forward to hearing from you!

 MM x