Prior to coming on board with the Funhouse I had worked at other establishments and was really over the way these places operated. There was no give… only take. There were so many hidden fees I felt ripped off when it was MY body on the line and the time investment in having to work a set number of shifts and late nights was exhausting me.

I was feeling diminished by the treatment the girls received in the standard brothel set ups. The privacy factor was a big one also… being a mother and a business owner the visibility in having to ‘parade’ in a parlour with the risk of being seen by ANYONE was a risk I was no longer comfortable in taking. I decided to step away from the industry because it was making me feel unsafe and exploited.

By accident, I came across the Funhouse website and it struck me as being a whole different ball game… I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading! NO shift fees, NO bonds, NO advertising fees, NO grueling shifts, NO late nights, total discretion, everything you need provided plus a really supportive environment and better rates than anywhere else??? it almost sounded too good to be true. One phone call to Mary confirmed that she and the Funhouse were the real deal!

From our first meeting Mary gave me the freedom to ask as many questions as I needed to and was 100% a straight shooter. She instantly struck me as a woman who knows the industry inside out and is about empowering woman to make informed choices. She really does care about the total well being of her girls and is passionate about providing a safe, clean, discrete, nurturing environment which is streets ahead of the rest.

In my time at the Funhouse I have been able to provide for my children, grow my other business, do some extra study and all while wearing beautiful shoes! For a minimal time investment the rewards have been immense. My confidence has blossomed and the friendships Ive made are life long connections with other smart, savvy, genuine ladies who are always there to lend an ear. We have a lot of fun, going to work is never a drag, I feel safe in leaving my gear in the girls room with no fear of anything being pinched because we are like a family and we have each others backs.

The Funhouse is like a second home to me, I love my job and the people I meet along the way. I’m able to express my sensuality, femininity and feel valued and cared about. I will always be grateful to Mary for creating a space that is so unique and her dedication to setting the standard in protecting and educating woman in an industry renowned for the opposite is really something very special.

Whether you have no experience in sexwork or have had similar experiences to mine at other establishments, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by the Funhouse way of life.