I started working at Funhouse in 2014 when I had first moved to Wellington. Honestly, I was slightly terrified and sure I must’ve lost my mind to be doing exactly what my parents always warned me against. The moment I met Mary however, I could tell immediately that all my preconceived ideas would be challenged. Mary was warm and open, and as I met the other girls at Funhouse I discovered they were  some of the most kindhearted, friendly, funny, intelligent people I’d ever met. It was almost like coming home.

That is really the part that sets Funhouse apart from anywhere else you could work, in Wellington, possibly in the world. It is a rare thing to find yourself so cared for and appreciated in any industry, let alone the sex industry.

Since starting at Funhouse, my confidence skyrocketed, I felt in control and I was learning all the time, and generally just having fun. I learnt lessons that have stayed with me and helped me grow as a person, and I had the opportunity to challenge the internalized stigmas I held from growing up in a conservative society. I can honestly say I am a better person for having worked as an escort, now that’s something you don’t hear from society!

As for the actual work. (It never felt like work), I met some amazing men, had a lot of good sex, a lot of great conversations and gained an intimate insight in to human psychology. As with any jobs there are ups and downs, but at Funhouse I rarely experienced downsides.

And the money! Oh man it gives you so many opportunities, I am currently travelling the world thanks to what I could save up in roughly a year and a half working for Mary, not to mention paying off a year of university and eating way too many brunches. That is something I never could’ve done working as a waitress.

I can honestly say I have no regrets, I made some great friends, had the best job ever, and have some great memories! If you want to work anywhere in Wellington, and you think this sounds like something you could enjoy, don’t hesitate to contact Mary. You never know, it could even change your life.