The privileged experience of meeting, knowing and working alongside Madam Mary and her respectful, creatively-skilled husband Mikel and the Funhouse women and gentlemen who visit us is a revered honour. For people who are fortunate to enter the sanctuary of Funhouse, Madam Mary beautifully and diligently gifts her authentic integrity, abundant insight and non-judgmental compassionate warmth and wisdom in guiding us with her courageous, graceful leadership and strength.

If you enter Funhouse you won’t want to leave. It is a safe and dignified place where beauty is celebrated in its full glory and where loving, passionate, sexual intimacy and sensual physical contact is skilfully exchanged and relished. Love is our profession. Our standards are extremely high yet perfection is still not required because there is nothing false inside our doors rather Funhouse is where staff and customers alike are accepted, kindly wanted, enjoyed, pampered and ultimately replenished.

Madam Mary and all Funhouse goddesses are inspirational role models intelligently leading a feminine way by carving out new ground within the international and anciently historical profession of sexuality. Our hope is that one day negative stigma and prejudiced discrimination attributed by onlookers towards our service and day job will be abolished so that our rights as human beings can be accorded and the inherent good that we do for each other comprehended. We do not judge people who purchase from us and they do not judge us for what we sell. There are multifaceted reasons as to why people choose to see us and why we choose to do what we do; sometimes people just need love.

I embrace my gender and sexuality; freely inhabiting all realms of my body and expressing the tenderness of my inner self and comfortably exhibiting my inner wild. Carl Jung purported that it is important we remember that as human beings we are both civilised and primitive thus alluring to the yin and yang of nature and nurture. I am masculine and I am feminine, strong and beautiful in all realms of my being – intellectually, physically, spiritually and psychically, psychologically, emotionally, sexually and socially. I love loving and I am at peace with myself and increasingly with the world. Sharing beauty is my humbled heartfelt joy and blessing. Funhouse is our haven where we are respected and treated in a way that values and protects our inner glory and worth. Funhouse customers come in wanting and leave happily fulfilled. Sexuality, love and intimacy are not to be ashamed of or hidden for the truth is we are all drawn to the nurture of love by the nature within us.

Love and peace, from Monica X